Amy’Leigh de Jager Kidnapping

The kidnapping had gripped the nation but when the suspects were announced, anger just erupted!

On Monday, 2 September 2019 at 7:40 a.m., Amy’Leigh De Jager was kidnapped by four unknown suspects. The 72 hour Specialised Response Plan was then activated. Amy-Leigh was recovered 19 hours later.

Three accused: Tharina Human (27), the mastermind and teacher of Amy’Leigh, Laetitia Nel (40) and Pieter van Zyl (50) have been arrested.

Amy Leigh

02 September `19, Mon - 07:04


Amy’Leigh de Jager has been kidnapped by four unknown suspects. The vehicle being sort for is white Toyota Fortuner.
02 September `19, Mon - 19:00

Suspect Identified

A suspect has been identified by the Specialised SAPS Investigation Team.

03 September `19, Tue - 01:30


0 Day, 18 Hours, 26 Minutes
From incident till found

Amy’Leigh has been dropped off by the kidnappers close to Shakespeare Hotel in Vanderbijlpark.

03 September `19, Tue - 23:49


1 Day, 4 Hours, 45 Minutes
From incident till arrest

Three suspects have been arrested and will be charged. One suspect is outstanding.

06 September `19, Fri - 09:00


2 Days, 21 Hours, 11 Minutes
From arrest till trial

First court appearance of the accused. The accused have been remanded in custody for further investigation. Next appearance 19 September 2019.

11 September `19, Wed - 06:00

Dramatic details emerge

News 24

WATCH | 19 hours gone: What we know about the Amy’Leigh kidnapping


Her kidnapping gripped the nation. But dramatic details that emerged in the days after Amy’Leigh de Jager was found, revealed a shocking twist in the case.


News24 pieced together a timeline of events from the moment the Grade R girl was snatched outside her school in Vanderbijlpark.

19 September `19, Thu - 09:00

Trial (Bail application)

Three accused: Tharina Human (27), the mastermind and teacher of Amy’Leigh de Jager, Laetitia Nel ( 40) and Pieter van Zyl (50) appear for bail application. Remanded back into custody. Bail Application set to continue on 1st October

23 September `19, Mon - 14:00

Arrest (Final Suspect)

21 Days, 6 Hours, 56 Minutes
From incident till arrest

Final Suspect – Arrested

The fourth suspect has been arrested and charged. He will appear on Wednesday, 25th September 2019 and will remain in custody.


If the court is in agreement, he will appear with his co-accused on 1st October for a bail application.


The investigating officer has arrested all those responsible and is satisfied that nothing more will present itself. He will now rest the matter with the NPA before the court for trial.


The minimum sentence for kidnapping is five years’ imprisonment, however with other charges this could be increased to a full life sentence (25 years).

25 September `19, Wed - 09:00

Trial (Suspect #4, first appearance)

Accused #4: Molemohi Bafokeng (24), made his first appearance for in the Vanderbijlpark Magistrate Court on charges of kidnapping and extortion. Remanded back into custody. Molemohi will not be appearing alongside his co-accused for bail because it is already at an advanced stage with another judge, but he will join them for the trial, the court heard. His matter has been postponed to October 2

01 October `19, Tue - 09:00

Trial (Bail application, appearance 2)

The first 3 accused in the case, Tharina Human, Laetitia Nel and Peiter van Zyl, appeared in court on the 1st October 2019 for the arguments between the defence and prosecution with regards to whether bail should be granted or denied.


The judge postponed the judgement on the matter to the 11th October 2019 when he will give his decision.
Accused 4 is in court today, 2 October 2019 and continuing with his bail application.

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