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10 men with hunting dogs poaching farm

Dispatcher Files

In the early hours of one morning, we received a call from a farmer based near Howick, Kwazulu Natal. He reported that a group of 10 men accompanied by many hunting dogs was active on his farm. On further investigation, he discovered the carcass of an antelope that had been killed by the hunting dogs. We immediately contacted local SAPS who were on scene within a short period. The poachers had disappeared into the thick bush by this time. The Farmer was able to provide details of the men and the dogs to SAPS. 

A case was opened by SAPS and it is hoped the offenders will be apprehended soon.

Dispatcher: SA49 Lihle Dlamini 
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*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.