A message to the Investigating Officer

You have access to some of the best tools available, in perfect balance, and primed to go for the jugular on crime in both urban and rural South Africa, and it’s made up of the following key roleplayers: AfriForum, AgriSA, TAU, SNIPR ANPR, Netcare 911, VCAT – Violent Crimes and Technology Support (NPO), TrackBox Technologies and Together SA CAN (NPO), powered by the leadership and support of amongst others, the SAPS, Hawks, Crime Intelligence, and their various specialised components and technologies.

The ‘super glue’ holding them together is the support provided by victim empowerment, the National Prosecuting Authority and political debating, which culminates in the final verdict, being the rule of law, practiced and upheld by its gatekeepers, i.e. the judges, magistrates, witnesses and victims.

Never underestimate the power and size of the toolbox you have access to as an Investigating Officer, in order to win and close every case from local to provincial to national. Taking full advantage of these resources could give you the precision of a Samurai warrior.

Be wary of placing yourself in a silo, where you become so isolated from other roleplayers in your toolbox that it unintentionally sabotages the effectiveness of your delivery . Ask yourself: Can I move in perfect balance to overcome any challenge set before me during my investigation, and maintain a 360 degree approach? Can I see with long-distance vision? Am I in touch with every aspect of the cases I deal with? Can I arrest and convict with Samurai precision? 

No member of the public can achieve this no matter how passionate or gifted we are, but you can, as you are empowered to do so. For me personally it’s incredible to work with so many exceptional “Samurai IO’s” in our country and participate in the daily results for humanity! 

Brian Jones (SA7)

This is the foundation of safety and security for all nations, and the protection of all dreams – the ability for us to rebuild our world and understand that anything CAN be achieved, together!

Brian Jones (SA7)
TrackBox ERPC National & International
https://trackbox.world | https://t.me/BriansPD

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