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South Africa has lost an estimated 96 million units of abalone as per research done. These small, snail-like sea creatures face extinction thanks to poachers who go to extreme measures to obtain them.

On the 11/12/2018 @ 18:20 the TrackBox ERPC National & International control room received a call from a lady in Betty’s Bay, Cape Town, reporting that she had noticed a vehicle dropping off divers by the cliff face of Stoney Point. Her property overlooked this spot and the divers were still in the water. She came to us for help, realising the need to apprehend these poachers who had been getting away with their crimes for too long, with members of the community losing all hope that anyone could help defend the situation, save these creatures and get rid of the poachers for good.

TrackBox SA13 Jamie-Leigh Hartshorne then contacted Kleinmond SAPS, DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) Unit and reported the incident. They then dispatched a vehicle and contacted the lady who had reported the incident.

A big ‘Thank You!’ to those dedicated SAPS members and members of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for their outstanding support and help in the community with incidents such as these.

Should you ever witness poaching operations in progress in your area, either land-based or marine, or non-compliance with fishing/hunting regulations, please contact the SAPS in your area or call the TrackBox ERPC on 08616-87225 (24 hour nationwide number). If you already have TrackBox installed on your phone, just open the app with one touch and speak to one of our dispatchers.

Jamie-Leigh Hartshorne (SA13)
TrackBox ERPC National & International