Cable theft is not only a common crime but also a highly dangerous one

It is extremely costly to the community at large in terms of damage to the power grid infrastructure and down-time for businesses. The day-to-day activities of private citizens is also affected with communication channels cut off, domestic appliances affected and financial losses for organisations, businesses, hospitals, shopping centres, etc., not to mention the pressure placed upon emergency and policing services. I

t is important that we as a community stick together and report these crimes timeously, enabling the police to apprehend the perpetrators. It goes without saying that this applies to crime in general.

Recently I received a call from a lady who said someone had forwarded a message on a group about a cable theft incident in Mkondeni. I managed to contact the relevant role players in the area and got confirmation of three males involved as well as an alleged security guard who has seen the crime but failed to act. Authorities had been notified however unfortunately the men had already fled the scene. They were however able to confirm that cable theft had taken place.

Stephanie Davies (SA38)
TrackBox ERPC National & International