Diabetic Emergency

Dispatcher Files

At 17:05 a AAA Response (TrackBox) member phoned in to say that they were at the Kruger National Park with a 65 year-old male who was a high risk heart patient and highly diabetic. He was on tablets to help with his condition but was experiencing difficulty and in a state of distress.

17:07 – I contacted our emergency service provider, Netcare 911, and arranged for one of their ambulances to meet at a point close to the patient’s remote location.  
17:17 – Netcare confirmed that they were five minutes from the appointed location.
17:45 – Ambulance on scene, patient loaded up and departing to a hospital in Nelspruit.

We were called the next day by a relative who said that the man was released from hospital later that evening and was doing much better – he was on his way back home and was booked to see a urologist immediately because his bladder was obstructed.

We were thanked by family members of the patient for a job well done and I am grateful that we had Netcare911 to assist in this emergency.

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*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.