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To all the Commanders, Members and Community Leaders, the team that make up our policing ministry.

The nation’s souls, hearts and blood are in our hands. Let us remember that when we drop on one knee in service to all of our people, both members and extended communities in all sectors – that anger, deep rooted pain and broken trust is what our nation is experiencing in all sectors, all races, all cultures.

We must allow this expression and we must hear it, but not one drop of blood must flow. Not one person must be silenced, and today must go down in history as the start of our united common cause and battle cry against crime.

Let Brendin Horner’s case be the final trumpet call to the battlefield! Let his parents, family, community and all onlookers around the world start to heal, knowing in complete trust and seeing the collective national action that murder, rape and acts of torture will be met with the highest form of justice, born of unity, love and peace. A unity that is so powerful that nothing will be as it was, ever again.

Now let’s rise and be the mighty nation that we are – for Brendin and for all victims of crime!

Brian Jones (SA7)