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Learner took an excessive number of Pain Killers while at school.

Dispatcher Files

We received a call recently from a very anxious staff member at a local High School. It was reported that a 16-year-old female learner had taken an excessive number of pain killers while at school. I established that the learner was still conscious, but drowsy. I was also informed that the Learner had previously attempted to commit suicide and had a history of chronic depression.

I immediately dispatched NetCare 911, provided all background details, and requested urgent assistance. The Ambulance was on scene within a short period and the necessary attention was provided. Further assistance was offered to the learner from professional personal who deal with depression matters.

Dispatcher: Savannah (SA48)
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*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.