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  • The life of an ERPC dispatcher

    Many cases come and go, but there are always those that you will carry with you each and every day thereafter. Whether it be an accidental call that leaves you in tears from laughter or a […]

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  • Traffic accident – Motor Vehicle Accidents

    First day of shift: Wet weather conditions. Lovely weather for our farmers’ fields to feed the nation however it would be a busy shift for us in the ERPC. We urge all our members and […]

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    South Africa has lost an estimated 96 million units of abalone as per research done. These small, snail-like sea creatures face extinction thanks to poachers who go to extreme measures to obtain them. On the 11/12/2018 […]

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  • Cable theft is not only a common crime but also a highly dangerous one

    It is extremely costly to the community at large in terms of damage to the power grid infrastructure and down-time for businesses. The day-to-day activities of private citizens is also affected with communication channels cut […]

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    It’s important that motorists use the road skills and knowledge they were taught, especially when in peak hour traffic and on main roads. I plead for motorists to stick to the speed limit and to […]

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  • Trespassing with intent to harm

    Members on a particular farm had been receiving ongoing threats of a farm attack to take place My name is Jamie-Leigh Hartshorne (SA13). On my last night shift at around about 22:30 I received a call […]

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