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It’s important that motorists use the road skills and knowledge they were taught, especially when in peak hour traffic and on main roads. I plead for motorists to stick to the speed limit and to be cautious when driving. Also keep a safe travelling distance. Please make sure you are sticking to road rules and take extra precautions on the roads and drive like a mine sweep, being aware of your surroundings for your safety and others’ too. There will always be children, even adults who dart across the roads, so by being aware of your surroundings at all times and keeping a safe speed we can avoid accidents.

Today I received a call regarding a pedestrian who was knocked down by a car, reportedly with life-threatening head injuries. On receiving this information I dispatched Netcare911 to assist and quickly get to the scene to stabilise him. On arrival, Netcare911 managed to stabilise the pedestrian and triaged him as “yellow code and stable”. He was then transported to the closest hospital for treatment.

The member who had called in to report this was thankful for the quick response by TrackBox and Netcare, and it was a huge relief to us that the patient was not in a critical condition and managed to survive this accident.

Stephanie Davies (SA38)
TrackBox ERPC National & International