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SVS ‘Echo-Reward Platform’ ​

We have developed a world-first technology platform to provide a financial reward to anyone who can provide information or support to the investigation leading to the arrest and conviction of criminals. This is specifically targeted at cases that have gone unsolved for a long period of time, or high priority matters such as kidnapping where we aim to garner information quickly that could lead to the successful conviction of perpetrators, as well as recovery of victims involved in the crime, taking into account the ability through;

  • SVS Echo-Reward App
  • SVS Telegram – Integrated Communications Channel and Desktop Platform used for mass activation and widespread sharing. 
  • Facebook targeting to focus on specific demographics as required, making sure the right people receive our communication so that the right information can be obtained. 

Equipping our citizens and global village community with information for the greater good of every person to help close cases and bring justice and healing. These tools help carry the video messages and case communications from victims, families, Investigating Officers, Provincial and National Communication teams. 

The Specialised Victim Support Echo-Reward App is designed as an inbuilt progressive web App. The App is housed on the SVS website and is not dependent on any App Store, making it instantly accessible to any person visiting the site. All visitors are automatically prompted to download and be part of the SVS Community. It is extremely simple to use and share with others, and users can also select their preferred language.