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Water main burst

Dispatcher Files

We received a AAA Response activation from a member based in the Hillcrest area, in Kwazulu Natal. He reported that a water main outside his property had burst and was flooding into his property. We immediately contacted eThekwini Municipality and reported the incident. Although it was late afternoon, the team from eThekwini was able to attend to the problem.

The following evening the same member reported that the water main was leaking again and the flooding had increased. eThekwini Municipality decided that the water mains would be shut off as it was already dark. I followed up the following morning and the repairs team had arrived on site to complete the required repairs. The repairs were successfully completed and our member was satisfied that all was restored to order.

Dispatcher: SA47 Natia
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*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.