About Together SA CAN (NPO)

Together SA CAN was launched in January 2003 with the goal of uniting all emergency service role-players into South Africa’s “911 emergency system”. We can now proudly say that we have a base of over 1.5 million members. Our strength is in our network of over 100 united organisations, each one expert in their field, across all services from SAPS, The Hawks, Metro Police, Security Companies, Fire and Rescue, Advanced Life Support and Medical Services, Animal Welfare, Wildlife and Raptor Rescue (AWR), Flight Operations, Municipal Services, Crisis Centres, NGO’s, Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watches.

This approach of not trying to replace, but rather tapping into the expertise of these professionals across all service spectrums, is what makes us successful.

  • A core goal of uniting all emergency service role players into “South Africa’s 911 emergency system.”
  • A registered NPO whose primary function is to facilitate and co-ordinate responses to emergencies.
  • The establishment, development and operation of a community policing partnership with the SAPS in collaboration with CPF structures in order to prevent and reduce the incidences of crime, largely aimed at community policing operations.
  • The providing of services to victims of crime through victim empowerment and victim support structures.
  • To ensure that operational communication and community information is exchanged efficiently by liaising with the SAPS and subscribing members.
  • To hold workshops and seminars as well as operational training days with all role-players.
  • To help establish best practices and protocols which can be emulated by any community operations structure involving crime prevention strategies.
  • The NPC/NPO, in partnership with committee members and role-players may, if requested, provide crime prevention equipment, alarm signal technology and employment of persons for special community projects.

To assist and provide support to natural disaster, medical emergency or rescue situations where the security or preservation of life and/or health (human and animal) is threatened.

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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

this service gives me so much peace of mind. instant access to help 24/7

Lorraine Franklin

I have always been contacted within 2 or 3 minutes of activating the app!

Brett Lewis

Thank you TrackBox for your support. People if you are struggling to register just contact them. They do help. I love this app and the people who are helping. Thank you!

Dianna Young