Victim Support

Have you suffered the loss of a family member or friend to murder?

As the National Emergency Response & Prevention Centre (ERPC) we want to open an IMICS (Incident Management & Information Capturing System) case so we can:

  • Provide Victim Support
  • Find out if the case is solved or under investigation
  • Liaise with the SAPS, The Hawks, Crime Intelligence & VCAT NPO (Violent Crimes & Technology Support) on the matter
  • Have accurate statistics and facts that we all recognise which can be used for operational planning, murder prevention, victim support, support to the nation and international community, where relevant
  • Put a stop to propaganda by publishing the recognised facts

Submit the below form and our trained ERPC Staff will reach out to you within 3 days.

A message from Brian:

We must do all we can with clear thinking and pure hearts to work with all role-players to bring about a positive solution. There’s no doubt that we are reaching a critical stage in our country’s evolution.

Please continue to spread the word about the TrackBox/ERPC Collaboration Network. We need something to bring us all together and there is nothing better positioned than that of the TrackBox Platform and the network that powers it from an apolitical, human connection position, no matter your culture, race or financial standing. I truly believe that no matter how dark the clouds may seem, the good of humanity will always triumph.