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  • Wonder Ntokozo Malinga (22) Murder 2 weeks ago Wonder Malinga (22) and his friend were at Khumalo Tuckshop, Mimosadale, Estcourt when about ten people approached the two of them, seemingly not knowing who they were and asking the ladies that were in their… Read More
  • Shaun Krull Murder 11 months ago Shaun Krull was last seen when he went out to tend cattle at dusk on the evening of Thursday, 19 September 2019. It appears he was ambushed at the feedlot by a number of people.… Read More
  • Karen Turner Murder 11 months ago The attack happened at approximately 3 a.m. (or slightly earlier) on 17 September 2019. In the incident, Karen Turner (31) who was pregnant, was murdered, and her husband Matthew Turner (33) was seriously wounded. According… Read More
  • Amy’Leigh de Jager Kidnapping 11 months ago The kidnapping had gripped the nation but when the suspects were announced, anger just erupted! On Monday, 2 September 2019 at 7:40 a.m., Amy'Leigh De Jager was kidnapped by four unknown suspects. The 72 hour… Read More
  • Luan Preston Murder 1 year ago On the morning of Saturday 15th June 2019, the body of a farm manager was discovered in his house in Oslo Beach (Port Shepstone). The victim lived alone.  It would appear that the suspect/s gained… Read More
  • Sandra Moonsamy Kidnapping 1 year ago Quick Update: Sandra Moonsamy has been recovered and is safe. More details to follow soon Help bring home hostage Sandra Moonsamy (45) who is a mother, wife, and daughter. Although a man found in possession… Read More
  • Johannis Jan van de Velde (JJ) – Culpable Homicide 2 years ago Johannis Jan van de Velde (JJ), (47), a prominent Nottingham Road maize and potato farmer was killed at around 17:30 on Friday evening, the 19th of October 2018 when an alleged drunk driver crashed head-on… Read More
  • Edwin Mapstone Murder 3 years ago At around 02:00 on 31st March 2017 Edwin Mapstone (53) and his wife Jean were brutally attacked. They woke up with between three and five suspects in their room. Edwin was stabbed multiple times, and… Read More
  • Baby Siwaphiwe Hijacking 3 years ago 10 March, 2017 SAPS said: “A one month old baby is still missing after a hijacking occurred today at 11:45, at Game City, Durban. The vehicle has been found abandoned in Montclair. The baby with… Read More
  • Solik Case 3 years ago On 17th February 2017, Nottingham Road police received a report of a missing couple, Christine (57) and Roger Solik (66) from The Bend Country Estate. A concerned neighbour went to investigate and observed that the… Read More

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