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Help bring light to the victims and families of violent crime by registering as a community supporter and keeping up to date with our cases. Provide a voice for the victims by making sure their stories don’t go quiet.

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Pledge your support by registering as a Community Supporter

Show your support as a concerned citizen by registering yourself and volunteering your eyes and ears, and in so doing contributing in making sure the victims stories don’t go quiet, and that justice is served. You might also like to send kind words of encouragement to the victims and families, or provide an anonymous tip.

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Join the Specialised Victim Support Telegram Channel for the latest updates on priority crime cases that Together SA CAN are dealing with.

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Spread the word by sharing this website and our Facebook page to help make sure that the victims stories do not go quiet!

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In the last two years, Together SA CAN (NPO) and TrackBox Technologies responded to 56 146 incidents, 40% of which related to criminal incidents and 15% to medical incidents. Over that period, we assisted with in excess of 1 000 breakdowns and tows, and 2 000 motor vehicle accidents.

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