Bring Sandra Home: Specialised Victim Support platform launch

Today marks the 94th day since Sandra Moonsamy (45), a mother, wife, and daughter was taken hostage. Over the weeks we have seen an outpouring of support from friends, family, clients, staff, the public, the international community and Government. 

A decision was taken under the guidance of the Hawks and National SAPS Investigation Task Team and with support from the family to reach out to Together SA CAN NPO for the development of a dedicated platform and quick activation process for Specialised Victim Support (SVS) for high priority crimes with a targeted focus on helping to ‘BRING SANDRA HOME’.

The platform is designed to support the overall lifespan of a priority case from the incident up until the case is finalised, including a 72-hour response plan, tracking and specialised victim support and communications. It tracks and supports all role-players from the time of the incident to arrest, trial, conviction, parole, and integration back into society a period generally spanning some 25 to 30 years. 

The SVS system has been designed as a tool that creates a direct relationship between the public, Media, SAPS, The Hawks, Crime Intelligence and the Victims and family to unite all role-players into a seamless team with accurate, high velocity, impactful information. The system has been integrated into the Telegram App Platform allowing the public to download information in the palm of their hands, enabling them to follow high priority cases first hand. 

We are asking the community to show their support by registering in order to volunteer eyes, ears, words of encouragement to the family, spreading the word, and their attention to SVS cases to ensure we help bring Sandra home and to ensure that her story does not go quite.  

If anyone has any information that might be useful in the case, an anonymous tip can be shared via the website, or Warrant Officer Stompie Sonnekus, 082 778 8932  or WO Rajen Govender, 079 500 0810 can be contacted directly. All anonymous tips are dealt with in an independent and secure way and are followed up on immediately with the appointed Investigating Officer

To bring Sandra Home our mission is to assist with specialised resource capacity building,  public activation & participation, human connection & awareness, Coordination of specialised private/public partnerships, dedicated information & communication management and long term victim support to Sandra and her family. 

The platform, available at will be launched later this week and will include all the updated information on the case. 

Brian Jones (SA7)
Brian’s Passionate Desk | Together SACAN (NPO)