CoDriver Assist amidst the KZN Riots

We received a roadside assistance activation from a member with a flat battery problem on her vehicle. She needed to get to work for an important meeting but could not get her car started as a result of the battery. We had just been through the week-long looting spree and unrest in and around KZN and JHB and many service providers were not yet operational.

Linda’s Towing and Recovery assisted us, and the client was able to make it in time for her meeting.
It’s a good idea to get your battery checked at least twice a year. You can take your vehicle to the nearest Battery Centre for a thorough test.

Dispatcher: SA47 Mduduzi
TrackBox ERPC National & International
08616-87225 |

*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.