CoDriver Assist – Heavy motor vehicle tow

Some time back we received an urgent call from a Monitor Roadside Assist member. Assistance was required to tow an 8-ton heavy motor vehicle (HMV) that had broken down.

The Vehicle was fully loaded with plastic products. We immediately established the breakdown location and used our Proximity Dispatching system to locate the nearest approved towing service provider for heavy motor vehicles. While the towing company was on route we asked the vehicle owner to remove the load from the vehicle before towing was undertaken.
The HMV service provider was on scene within a short period and the vehicle was successfully towed to the requested destination.

Dispatcher: SA47 Lihle
TrackBox ERPC National & International
08616-87225 |

*Dispatcher files are reports detailing the experience of the dispatcher as they deal with emergencies and so are recorded after the fact.