Has justice truly been served for JJ van de Velde and his family?

To the NPA – with deepest partnership respect, help this family and our nation! Please… please help?

JJ van de Velde case recap and update:

The South African Police Service began the investigation and collection of evidence. The perpetrator was arrested, and charges laid. 

It was determined that an alleged drunk driver had lost control of his vehicle around a corner, and had collided with JJ head-on, on his side of the road. Ultimately this resulted in his death. This was determined by Howick SAPS and the SAPS Accident Collision Unit’s methodical investigation processes and reconstruction of events. 

The focus of the case, therefore, shifted to reckless and negligent driving and culpable homicide. 

After several court appearances, the matter was provisionally withdrawn against the accused by the National Prosecuting Authority for further investigation. At that point, the family requested for SVS to be activated (Wednesday, 19th February 2020 at 16:37). 

The Investigating Officer, Sgt BSD Ndlovu, completed all tasks alongside station management, who ticked all the boxes and requests from the NPA. It is our understanding that the NPA seems unable to reach a decision to enrol and proceed. 

The docket has been with the NPA for months and months, reflecting on the SAPS locally and internationally as a failure of justice and police action. 

On request of the family, we have now asked Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Provincial Commissioner, along with his District Commander team, to support JJ and the Howick Investigating Officer Sgt. BSD Ndlovu. 

To date, we and the family have had no response from either the Provincial Commissioner or the NPA, and I hope that in some strange twist of events, it is simply a disconnect. 

To the NPA, the Police Ministry, the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Commissioner, with head, eyes, heart and soul lowered in respect, help this family and our nation!

In love, light, dreams and tunnel-vision passion! 

Brian Jones (SA7)
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