Jorg Filter, Son of Friedel Filter

Sometimes out of tragedy comes some real gifts to our nation that we often don’t recognise. Jorg, has become one of the most key role-players in KZN. He has become the go-to person who collates the facts of farm murders, is a mediator, translator and integrator between Afrikaans and English speaking groups, which leads to SAPS directly or indirectly. This ensures a seamless partnership in KZN. He is very humble and for those that want quality information, we wait for Jorg’s neutral, independent, accurate posts to hit our inboxes.

Jorg steps up to any requests from our SVS KZN Provincial Heads group, a very small confined CEO’s, Directors, Hawks and Crime Intelligence, multi-agency stakeholders group. A heavily weighted group of leaders all working hard to support the Police Ministry and all South Africans. Jorg misses his dad and that is very clear, but the work he does brings legacy to achievements, family values and community well being.

For those that pause and take note of this case, you will know just how much Mr Friedel Filter lives in our homes and how much his legacy as a farmer continues to plant seeds, grow, feed the nation and just how much of this is in Jorg. How often Jorg presses the Golden Buzzer for those to whom he serves freely.

In closing amongst many aspects of Mr Friedel Filter legacy, ones that stands out the most is that Jorg will not live with the saying “they got away with murder!” Not for his father or any other human being in South Africa.

Thank you to all those who contribute to Jorg efforts, committees, members and public!