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Well done to The Hawks, Crime Intelligence, SAPS and VCAT NPO who worked hand-in-glove on this matter. Amy-Leigh’s father cannot express how grateful he is to the country and the teams of Commanders and members from across the country who came together. On another personal note, whilst kidnapping is definitely a concern and whilst all parents have been hearts and souls gripped with very real feelings of concern, all cases to date are targeted, and the victims and perpetrators are known to one another. I cannot stress enough the need for you and your family to download and install MDDR (Mobile Device Data Recorder), our South African patented technology, which does several pioneering things, one of the most important being that the phone is always trackable even when turned off, unless you put in your PIN number to confirm that you are safe, in order to totally shut it down.  

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Brian Jones (SA7)
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The case of the kidnapping of six-year-old Amy-Leigh De Jager in Vanderbijlpark on Monday last week, when four men grabbed the grade R pupil from her mother, Angeline, outside the school shortly before 8 a.m., totally captured the public’s attention. If the kidnapping itself wasn’t bad enough, the news that she was dropped off by her abductors and left on the side of the road in the early hours of Tuesday morning was even more shocking. She was told that her mother was waiting for her at a shop across the road, but when she could not find her mother, she screamed and fortunately some good Samaritans heard her cries and took her to the nearest police station.

It has since come to light that two of the three suspects arrested are “connected” to Amy-Leigh’s family, one of them being a teacher at her school.

The arrests followed an intelligence-driven operation, involving members from the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging as well as Crime Intelligence members.

According to one source, “Amy-Leigh is still very traumatised, so she hasn’t gone back to school yet.”

Rape & women abuse

‘Killer rapist’: soft-spoken churchgoer

The brutal rape and murder of 19-year-old UCT student, Uyinene Mrwetyana, on September 02, 2019 has shocked the nation and caused many activist groups to stand forward and let their voices be heard.

Uyinene had been missing since August 24 and a 42-year-old man who worked at the Clareinch Post Office has allegedly confessed to the rape and murder. After luring her into the Post Office he then raped and bludgeoned her to death. 

The man accused of killing her made his first appearance at the Wynberg magistrate’s court on Monday. He was living alone after his wife and daughter left his one-bedroom Khayelitsha home in Cape Town. He was described by a neighbour as a soft-spoken, church-loving man with a small body frame who often kept to himself.

Gender-based violence has been a national issue in South Africa for years, with a staggering 3,915 women and children being murdered in 2018.

Protestors have called for more action from government on gender-based violence and as a result President Cyril Ramaphosa cut short his participation at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa, being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, to address protesters at Parliament after protesters tried to storm the Convention Centre. 

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