Samantha & Grace van de Velde: Victim Impact Statements

Johannis Jan van de Velde (JJ), (47), a prominent Nottingham Road maize and potato farmer was killed at around 17:30 on Friday evening, the 19th of October 2018 when an alleged drunk driver crashed head-on into his vehicle in Howick. JJ was entrapped and in a critical condition when he was found, and sadly passed away in hospital later that night. JJ, his wife Samantha, and their three children were due to start a new life in Australia in less than three weeks.

Samantha, his wife, had spoken to her husband shortly before the accident on Friday and was waiting for him to return home at around 5.30 p.m. She then asked her eldest son to go and see if his car had broken down somewhere. When his son was driving down Main Road, he came across the accident.

Sam and her daughter Grace have written separate victim impact statements, Sam making use of our Victim Impact Statement Creation Tool.

Listen to the Audio Files of the Victim Impact Statement below:

1. Introduction

2. Samantha van de Velde: Victim Impact Statement
2.1. Crossing paths & life together

2.2. Special memories & achievements

2.3. The incident

2.4. The loss of your loved one

2.5. Where are you now & how is your future different

2.6. Implications of loss

3. Grace van de Velde: Victim Impact Statement
3.1. Introduction

3.2. Essay

3.3. Poem