SVS: The Journalistic Crime Reporting Timeline

Yin/Yang – The Pen and the Sword 

The pen is not mightier than the sword when it comes to murder, serial murder, rape, kidnapping or the loss of children. 

However, the pen is a weapon that sees into the future. It looks through the microscope and into the Petri dish, it brings together victims, communities, investigating officers and researchers to capture the story based on the facts. It works mostly on the front lines and in the trenches. This power is the Excalibur in the hands of the gifted for those who have managed to draw the sword from the cold, hard stone of history.

The passion, love, care and support of humanity is written by this sword, and it sees all future changes. The sword defends the changes the pen makes, and the relationship between the two form a unique difference compared to day-to-day journalism. 

I have never stopped to put this into words until now, yet I believe I have done this my whole life in order to help bring justice to the victims of our country, and this algorithm has worked time and time again. This is a fundamental principle of SVS and the reason for cutting edge journalism processes and pioneering technologies to seek unity rather than work as two separate entities. 

In no way does this change the yin/yang and the opposing forces; rather, it forces the positive energy to fuse and the poor, negative, unchecked journalism to repel when dealing with priority crimes that affect our nation at its core. 

Brian Jones (SA7)
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