The life of an ERPC dispatcher

Many cases come and go, but there are always those that you will carry with you each and every day thereafter. Whether it be an accidental call that leaves you in tears from laughter or a call that rips your heart from your chest because of the heartbreak that follows. 
These are the days that we as dispatchers in the ERPC are faced with. No day is ever the same, no call is ever a repeat. One thing is for certain though, we wear the TrackBox name with pride, we deal with each situation with passion and dedication towards our members. Life is a precious thing and we strive to save each and every life that needs our assistance; each call is an emergency until stipulated otherwise.

My name is Michael Nel (SA37) and your life is both my priority, as well as the priority of my fellow ERPC family. Whenever you need us, we will be there. Whenever you call, we will answer. Each new day brings a new reason to wake up and smile because I have lives to save and people to assure that they are safe. “ERPC, do you have an emergency?”. It’s not just something we as controllers are made to say, it’s said with passion, drive, empathy and care for the life that is on the other end of the line, a life that may just need saving. We are the ERPC, we are a family that stands together to assist our members, and we are here to be there for you whenever you may need us, 24/7/365 days of the year.

Michael Nel (SA37)
TrackBox ERPC National & International