Trespassing with intent to harm

Members on a particular farm had been receiving ongoing threats of a farm attack to take place

My name is Jamie-Leigh Hartshorne (SA13).

On my last night shift at around about 22:30 I received a call regarding a possible farm attack/trespassing in progress in the Elands River area in the Eastern Cape. The location of this attack was about 30 km out in a remote area and the call had come in over the radio from Eesruf Veiligheid Erpc – the scariest call a duty officer could ever receive. The first thing to run through one’s mind is the need to get emergency services to the incident as soon as possible, so I put my head down to this task not knowing if the family on the farm were okay as getting hold of members on scene was virtually impossible and hearing “you have reached the mailbox of…” is frightening and that’s when one tends to expect the worst.

So, I started calling all necessary services that I knew could get to this incident. At that stage we had no detailed information except the location of the farm and that suspects were on the property trying to gain access to the farmhouse, and a farm worker pleading for someone to “come and break all the locks on the gate – just please, someone help!”

A massive Thank You! goes to Elands River SAPS, Atlas Security, Smart Security and farm watch patrollers for their prompt response to this incident. The suspects unfortunately escaped on foot, but the most thankful part was that the tenants on the farm were safe and unharmed. A case of trespassing was opened at the Elands River SAPS and further investigations will be undertaken.

Jamie-Leigh Hartshorne (SA13)
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